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Jung Woo-sung: "While shooting 'Protector,' I lost my father, briefly attended the funeral, then returned to set... Is this acceptable?"

 Jung Woo-sung / Ace Maker Movie Works Actor Jung Woo-sung revealed that he suffered the loss of his father while filming the movie "Protector." In a video interview with News1 about the movie "Protector" on the morning of the 10th, when asked about the difficulties he faced while filming, Jung Woo-sung said, "There were none as a director." However, he added, "During the difficult situation with COVID-19, we cautiously continued filming, and during the Busan shoot, my father passed away. I just held the funeral and returned to filming," expressing the personal hardship he experienced. Jung Woo-sung recalled, "It was difficult to delay the shooting due to personal circumstances. The budget wasn't small, but it was a 'compact' budgeted project. Even delaying a day or two was a burden on the project. I went to Seoul for a short time and immediately shot the action scenes." He added, "I wondered if it was okay to do this e

Kim Hee-sun: "With Song Hye-kyo, our roles as older and younger sister are switched... I'm the one who acts cute"

▲ Kim Hee-sun. Provided by Hinji Entertainment Actress Kim Hee-sun revealed the secret to her long-standing friendship with her close younger sister-like friend, Song Hye-kyo. With the release of the movie "Sweet and Warm: 7510" (directed by Lee Han) approaching, Kim Hee-sun held a video interview on the 10th and shared various stories about the film. On that day, Kim Hee-sun talked about the secret to maintaining a long friendship with Song Hye-kyo, who had previously attended the VIP preview, saying, "We don't meet every day, but we talk on the phone often." She added, "After watching this movie, I asked her, 'How did it turn out? Was it good?' and she said, 'Sister, you don't have to worry.' She sent me a link to a good article because I was anxious. Her effort to ease my anxiety, even though she's really my younger sister, is so pretty," she said with a laugh. She continued, "I have a bit of a strong personality. I talk

"Thank you for being healthy... Support poured out for Yoon Do-hyun's 'Cancer Struggle Confession'

 Singer Yoon Do-hyun has revealed his struggle with and overcoming cancer, receiving many congratulations and support. On the 10th, Yoon Do-hyun posted a photo of himself in patient clothing, confessing that he had been cured after battling cancer for the past three years. He said, "I heard the word 'cancer' after a health check-up when I started practicing for the 2021 musical 'Gwanghwamun Love Song.'" He continued, "After failing drug treatment, I decided on radiation therapy and went to the hospital every morning for just under a month, struggling with treatment," revealing the process he went through. He also said, "The moment I heard about cancer, everything went dark," and "I seriously considered death for the first time, cried alone with many thoughts, and even though my body was tired from radiation therapy, I forced myself to smile and learned many lessons." Finally, Yoon Do-hyun sent a positive message, saying, "I f

Statement from Jeon Somi's camp: "Acknowledging 'Tracing Suspicion,' Official Position on MV Controversy - Scene Removed"

   Singer Jeon Somi's agency has issued an apology regarding the tracing controversy. A representative from her agency, Double Black Label, stated to EXSports News on the 9th, "Internally within the company, we belatedly recognized that the character appearing in Jeon Somi's new song 'Fast Forward' music video bears a resemblance to an existing Japanese manga character." The representative continued, "We have decided to delete the scene in the music video that has sparked controversy." Further adding, "We should have thoroughly examined this matter, and we apologize for not confirming it beforehand," conveying their apology. The current tracing suspicion controversy arose after the release of Jeon Somi's new song 'Fast Forward' music video, where the illustrated character in the video was pointed out to bear similarities to characters from the famous Japanese manga 'Shin-chan.' While the two characters are not exactly id

From a Divorce Story of a Middle-Aged Man to a Single Woman Contemplating Single Mother Facilities, including the Most Miserable Moments... Tears Flow as Secrets Are Unveiled"

 From the divorce story of a middle-aged man who revealed his most miserable moments to a single woman contemplating single mother facilities, various hidden secrets are all being unveiled. On August 9th, on SBS PLUS and ENA's "I Am Solo," the moments where the 16th batch of solo individuals are moved to tears while sharing their self-introductions will be revealed. The 16 solo individuals bring out their own stories that they've buried deep in their hearts and shed tears. In particular, one solo woman tearfully shares a heartbreaking story, saying, "(I even considered single mother facilities to have a child) because I had to give birth to this child and I wanted to create a complete family." Her emotional story deeply touches everyone, and other solo women who empathize with her, having also become strong mothers for their children, say, "I'm about to cry too," as tears well up in their eyes. Another solo woman also starts her self-introducti

Haha, Controversy Spreads Over Parody of 'Made in Jeolla... 19+ Bomb Shot'"

Entertainer Haha's parody of the movie 'Inside Men' has stirred up controversy. On the 6th, SBS variety show 'Running Man' aired a summer vacation special. The members enjoyed self-made fried chicken along with makgeolli and zero-calorie cola. At that moment, Jeon So-min requested a toast from Haha, and Haha had Jeon So-min, Yang Se-chan, and Song Ji-hyo shout, "Cheers, Yongcha!" Yang Se-chan asked, "Isn't this something you do standing up?" and the members stood up from their seats. The members stood up and shouted, "Cheers, Yongcha!" At this point, Yang Se-chan said to Haha, "Hyung, this is something guys do among themselves," and in response, Haha shook his body, saying, "We didn't do this." When Jeon So-min attempted to follow Haha without knowing the exact action, Yang Se-chan and Haha stopped her. Jeon So-min asked, "Why?" in confusion. This scene was a parody from the movie 'Inside Men,&#

Gu Jun-yeop ♥ Seo Hee-won, Reunion After 23 Years, "The Happiest Moment in Life" Tearful Reunion ('Las')

  The heartwarming moment of the 23-year reunion of the couple Gu Jun-yeop and Seo Hee-won on "Radio Star" has been revealed. On the 9th, MBC's "Radio Star" featured Gu Jun-yeop, Kim Jae-won, Young Tak, and Son Min-soo. During the time when Gu Jun-yeop was active in Taiwan, he was famously involved in a romantic relationship with Taiwanese top star Seo Hee-won. And after more than 20 years, last year, he became even more popular as "Taiwan's national husband" through a marriage that was like a movie. Having spent their newlywed days in Taiwan, Gu Jun-yeop revealed that he crossed the waters to appear on "Radio Star," receiving a warm welcome from the MCs. Wearing a heart necklace made by Seo Hee-won, Gu Jun-yeop expressed, "I might look unlucky, but..." He cautiously continued, "Please understand," and proudly shared about his wife, bringing a smile to everyone. When asked about whether his wife would come to Korea, he

Loose Weight→Upset Stomach" ★Can the War of Malicious Comments by Celebrities Come to an End?

 Numerous celebrities are taking a tough stance against malicious comments. The ongoing battle against malicious comments, which has persisted from the past, can the roots be pulled out? Recently, comedian Lee Su-ji revealed an incident where she received malicious DMs (Direct Messages) in an interview with Ex's News. Lee Su-ji mentioned that she often checks YouTube comments and reactions, and said, "Recently, I was exposed, and someone sent me a DM saying not to do it and that it upset their stomach." On the 4th, during IHQ's 'Delicious Guys' broadcast, she shared this story and exposed a malicious comment that said, "I've been eating alone for years while watching 'Delicious Guys.' Due to Lee Su-ji's exposure, my stomach is upset, and I can't watch it while I eat. Whatever clothes you wear, it's your personal freedom, but this doesn't seem like it." Recently, Lee Chang-woo also mentioned receiving appearance-related DMs

Running towards me calling 'Mom'... 3-year-old daughter, Choi Jiwoo, enjoying a happy summer vacation

Choi Jiwoo has revealed her summer vacation with her 3-year-old daughter. On the 6th, Choi Jiwoo uploaded a video and photos without any special captions. The video captures a heartwarming moment where Choi Jiwoo reaches out her hand and her daughter lovingly calls her "Mom." The accompanying photos show Choi Jiwoo, her mother, and her daughter entering a train station, portraying a warm and close bond between the three of them. Meanwhile, Choi Jiwoo, who married a business entrepreneur 9 years her junior in 2018, announced her pregnancy in December 2019 and welcomed her first daughter in May 2020, two years after her marriage. Last year, she met viewers through the variety show "Sigol Gyeongyangsik." She is also anticipating the release of the movie "New Normal" this year. Photo = Choi Jiwoo

"I'm a fan of NewJeans, can I please have a scout uniform?"... From Jamboree K-pop Concert to Controversies about Disguised Entry

   On the 8th, the red carpet event for the '2022 The Fact Music Awards (TMA)' was held at the Olympic Park K-Sports Dome in Bangi-dong, Seoul. The girl group NewJeans strikes a pose. October 8, 2022 / K-pop artists are rallying to rescue 'Jamboree,' which has sparked anger among parents around the world. Can K-pop artists reverse the worst public sentiment through their performances? On the 9th, the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism announced the lineup for the supplementary event 'K-pop Super Live' (referred to as the Jamboree K-pop Concert) of the '2023 Saemankeum World Scout Jamboree,' which will be held at 7 p.m. on the 11th at the Seoul Sangam World Cup Stadium. The 'Jamboree K-pop Concert,' brought up by Representative Sung Il-jong of the ruling party in relation to BTS, is not included. Previously, Representative Sung had urged the Ministry of National Defense to cooperate, stating that BTS should participate in

"Targeting Younger Sibling for Exploitation" Youngest Sibling Breaks Two-Year Silence with Determined Testimony... Park Soo-hong Moved to Tears [Comprehensive Coverage]

"Younger siblings were targeted for exploitation." Entertainer Park Soo-hong (52) shed tears as well when his youngest sibling took the stand as a witness in the embezzlement trial of Park Soo-hong's older brother and sister-in-law. On the 9th afternoon, the 7th trial was held at the Seoul Western District Court's Criminal Deliberation Division 11 for the charges against Park Soo-hong and his older brother's couple under the Act on Aggravated Punishment of Specific Economic Crimes (Embezzlement). In the midst of Park Soo-hong's youngest sibling, who remained silent for nearly two years, speaking up as a witness for the first time, the younger sibling stated that they discovered that their siblings had been targeted for exploitation, and that even they, without their knowledge, had their salary deposited into an account opened secretly, which was used for embezzlement. Listening to their sibling's account, Park Soo-hong couldn't hold back his tears. Par

Jang Geun Suk's Important Announcement: "I Will Get Married... Economic Power is the Key Factor for the Gangnam Property Owner" (By Jang Geun Suk)

  YouTube Capture Jang Geun Suk is taking concrete steps towards marriage. On the 9th, Jang Geun Suk's YouTube channel "I am Jang Geun Suk" released a video titled  "[Major Announcement] Is Jang Geun Suk Finally Getting Married?!" On this day, Jang Geun Suk opened his statement by saying, "Today is important. I've been  eagerly preparing for this content, and finally, I am going to get married." As he mentioned,  he visited a marriage information company that day and explained his reason, saying,  "I've been curious for a long time. I wonder how many points I have as a potential groom." With this sudden talk of marriage, the production team became perplexed and asked if he was  serious. Jang Geun Suk emphasized, "I am serious right now" and stated,  "This is a matter that concerns the future of our content's history." Dressed formally and nervously moving to the consultation room, Jang Geun Suk expressed,  &quo

J-Son expressed regret to ♥Hong Hyun-hee, saying "I wish you had done this at our wedding," referring to a compliment on her appearance that caused a feeling of disappointment (HongSeon TV)

J-Son complimented his wife, Hong Hyun-hee, on her appearance. On the 7th, a video titled "Today, forget about being a 'poop star' mom for a moment, let's go into the life of star(?) Hong Hyun-hee" was uploaded to the YouTube channel 'Hong Hyun-hee and J-Son's HongSeon TV.' In the video, Hong Hyun-hee looked satisfied with her makeup and hair styling. Her husband J-Son also said, "But it would have suited you well if you had done this hairstyle at our wedding." J-Son responded to Hong Hyun-hee's comment of "Let's get married again" with "With me?" and Hong Hyun-hee, taken aback, asked "Then with whom?" expressing her disappointment and eliciting laughter. Hong Hyun-hee once again stated, "This is the first time I've had such an elegant hairstyle," and J-Son praised, "It looks very clear and pure." Later, Hong Hyun-hee returned, looking tired after her schedule, and confessed, "

Jang Young-ran reveals her youthful '10-year-old' motherly look, saying "Living for my children" ('A-Class Jang Young-ran')

Broadcast personality Jang Young-ran has showcased her sensibly stylish motherly look. On August 8th, a video titled "Revealing all the new items that look like luxury even when casually worn" was posted on Jang Young-ran's channel 'A-Class Jang Young-ran'. Jang Young-ran said, "Many people have asked me how I wear clothes from certain brands, so today I will reveal everything about my fashion," and also expressed her ambition, saying, "I'll approach it casually, using terms like 'belly-button tee' instead of 'crop tee', and 'baggy pants' instead of 'wide pants'." Jang Young-ran presented looks for wedding guest attire, first birthday party attire, and also casual clothing. She wore a sleeveless top with a midi skirt and explained it as a 'school drop-off look to live for her kids,' saying, "'Mom, you look so pretty today, why is that?' is what my kids Jiwoo and Junwoo would say when they

SM Entertainment, has sued the author of the threatening messages against aespa's Winter, and also confirmed the safety status of the company building

The girl group aespa's Winter received a shock as a threat to kill her was posted online, and her agency SM Entertainment has taken legal action. SM stated on the 8th, "A post threatening Winter's life was posted on a site yesterday (7th). As soon as we confirmed this, we filed a complaint against the author of the post at the police station and requested prompt investigation cooperation." They continued, "We have strengthened security personnel, and aespa safely departed today." They also said, "The police have recently received several reports and visited our company building yesterday and today to check the security and safety status. We will do our best for the safety of our artists." Previously, a post with content threatening to kill Winter with a weapon was posted online, causing a shock. The post has now been deleted. With an increasing number of random knife attacks and murder threats, this is the first time that a famous celebrity has bee

Ryu Seung-su, Kim Ho-young's Revelation.. End of Friendship? "Contact Suddenly Cut Off" ('Strong Heart League')

  On 'Strong Heart League,' Ryu Seung-su expressed his disappointment with Kim Ho-young. On the 8th, on the SBS entertainment program 'Strong Heart League,' Kim Ho-young and Ryu Seung-su appeared together in a special episode titled 'Introducing My Friend.' On that day, Ryu Seung-su came out with a thumbnail saying, "Kim Ho-young, using me to lift himself up." Seeing Ryu Seung-su's thumbnail, Kim Ho-young was taken aback, saying, "I introduced him with a good heart, but the thumbnail is disappointing." However, Ryu Seung-su soon revealed his true feelings about Kim Ho-young. "The two of us first met on 'Radio Star.' I was amazed to realize that 'such a person exists' while broadcasting so far. I was very surprised. I have very low tension. I met Ho-young on that day, and he said he would lift me up," he explained the situation at the time. He continued, "Afterwards, the 'Lift Me Up~' video became a h

'Jjandangpo' Lecturer Jeon Han-gil, "It took 10 years to clear 2.5 billion won in debt... Taxes paid this year are over 1.5 billion won" (Summary)

Lecturer Jeon Han-gil revealed that he had cleared his past debt of 2.5 billion won and currently owes 1.5 billion won in comprehensive income tax. On the JTBC entertainment program 'Jjandangpo,' aired on the 8th, lecturer Jeon Han-gil appeared as a guest. Jeon Han-gil, a one-hit-lecture instructor, shared his thoughts, saying, "It's not good to become famous and have your face recognized. The best thing is to earn a lot of money without being recognized." When asked what he would do if 'Jjandangpo' and 'Yu Quiz' called him at the same time, he candidly revealed, "I actually got an offer from 'Yu Quiz,' but I didn't go. I didn't want to be recognized." Yoon Jong-shin mentioned a part of Jeon's diary, saying, "In 2011, you wrote, ‘Please don't go around borrowing money. Let's sell books proudly, even risking our lives.'" Jeon Han-gil responded, "I was lecturing in 1999 while attending graduate

Koo Jun-yup, 'No money to get married → Stole money to go to Seoul → Recently divorced → Remarried with ex-husband Seo Hee-won'. How unfair must it have been...

"There was even news that I stole money from Hee-won and ran away to Seoul." Koo Jun-yup became Taiwan's national husband with a cinematic marriage. As famous as he is, he revealed that he is struggling with all kinds of fake news. Koo Jun-yup, who gathered public interest as the "54-year-old late groom" in the romance of the century, openly talks about his married life and his true feelings about fake news. On the MBC 'Radio Star' (planned by Kang Young-sun, directed by Lee Yoon-hwa, Kim Myung-yeob) broadcast on the 9th, Koo Jun-yup, who married Taiwanese actress Seo Hee-won last February, appears as a 'lover.' He became a hot topic with dating rumors with Taiwanese top star Seo Hee-won during his activities in Taiwan, and after more than 20 years, he became a big topic with a marriage more cinematic than a movie. He is now enjoying immense popularity as 'Taiwan's national husband.' Koo Jun-yup, who is enjoying his honeymoon in Taiwa

Jung Hae-in 'I never bullied anyone in the military' [Interview]

Actor Jung Hae-in returns with 'D.P.' Season 2 Great affection for the role of Ahn Joon-ho... "Many male fans have emerged" The desire to return to melodrama too Jung Hae-in shared his candid thoughts in an interview. Provided by Netflix As always, Jung Hae-in, neatly dressed in a suit, greeted the reporters with a polite manner, looking slightly thinner than before. His unique bright and lively face was quite different from the tough appearance or rough action scenes in 'D.P.' "I'm worried that I'm getting too far from melodrama," he laughed, but in reality, 'D.P.' is one of the most vibrant and glittering works in Jung Hae-in's filmography. It's also the work that has brought him many male fans, who had been known as the "national younger boyfriend." The Netflix series 'D.P.' Season 2, released on the 28th of last month, captures the story of Ahn Joon-ho (Jung Hae-in) and Han Ho-yeol (Koo Kyo-hwan) who stil

Jamboree Concert, from Newzins & NCT Dream to Mamamoo... Lineup 'Interest ↑'

There is growing interest in the lineup of performing singers amid the talk of venue and schedule changes for the 'Jamboree' K-pop concert. On the 8th, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism announced that one of the main events of the '2023 Saemangeum World Scout Jamboree,' a K-pop concert, will be held at the World Cup Stadium in Mapo-gu, Seoul, from 7 pm on the 11th. This K-pop Super Live Concert was originally scheduled to be held outdoors in Saemangeum on the 6th, but it was moved to Jeonju on the 11th due to continued heatwaves and concerns about heat-related illnesses. However, the final venue was confirmed to be Seoul after the expected path of a typhoon passing over Saemangeum. The concert was scheduled to feature dazzling singers such as IVE, ZEROBASEONE, NMIXX, STAYC, VERIVERY, etc. However, due to continued changes, the non-participation of NMIXX, VERIVERY, STAYC, etc., has been confirmed. Through KBS's reporting and others, Newzins, ITZY, and NCT D

Can't Tolerate Infidelity.. 'Divorce Ending' Top Actors

The issue of "infidelity," which arouses public outrage, has always existed in the entertainment industry, both domestically and abroad. Recently, Natalie Portman, the girl of 'Léon' and the swan of 'Black Swan,' sadly faced a divorce ending due to such infidelity. We've looked at top stars who have broken their families because of infidelity. Especially for those involved in infidelity, a decline in image as a celebrity is inevitable. Natalie Portman Actress Natalie Portman's decision to divorce her husband has made headlines online. According to foreign media such as Entertainment Weekly on the 7th (local time), Natalie Portman chose to separate from her husband, ballet dancer Benjamin Millepied, after 11 years of marriage. A source told the media, "After news of her husband's infidelity came out, they tried for their marriage, but they are now separated." The 'discord' between the two began last November when Natalie Portman wa