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Lee Young-ji, Sharp Criticism, Cumulative Donations of Hundreds of Millions, Neighborly Consideration... 'Hip' of MZ Culture President [TEN People]

 Lee Young-ji, recently struck with "Don't Ask, Just Slice" criticism: "It's not cool at all, just slice the cucumber."

Despite being only 20 years old, her cumulative donation amount is in the hundreds of millions.

Not only donations, but her interest in social issues also receives supportive voices.

Voices of support for Lee Young-ji, self-proclaimed and referred to as the "MZ Culture President," are growing louder. Lee Young-ji was born in 2002 and is still at a young age, but she is raising her voice on social issues and spreading positive influence with cumulative donations amounting to hundreds of millions.

On the 6th, Lee Young-ji posted on social media, "It's really annoying to worry unnecessarily if friends don't contact for 7-8 hours or more because of the 'random knife-wielding' or whatever. Holding a knife isn't cool at all, so just slice cucumbers with that knife at home."

Recently, with the continuing occurrences of incidents like 'knife-wielding at Seohyun Station' and 'knife-wielding at Sillim Station,' among other 'random knife-wielding' cases, there has been an increase in people wandering the streets with knives, mimicking these events. This situation is causing anxiety among citizens. Many have empathized with Lee Young-ji's post.

Netizens reacted to Lee Young-ji's criticism with comments like "Refreshing" and "This is real hip-hop," expressing their anger. Lee Young-ji's "hip" activities do not stop here. Despite being born in 2002 and only 20 years old this year, she has already donated hundreds of millions of won, spreading positive influence throughout society.

On the 7th, Lee Young-ji "flexed" by donating 100 million won to flood victims, combining the profits from goods sales on her YouTube channel 'There's Nothing Prepared' (abbreviated as ChaJwiBbul) with personal donations. She also donated a total of 100 million won to five organizations from goods sales and her donations last year.

Lee Young-ji, who wrote a new record as the first female winner of Mnet's 'Show Me the Money 11,' was misunderstood for donating her prize money. She clarified, saying, "I'm just doing it, just donating, setting aside all the reasons. Some people misunderstand, but please don't."

With her extraordinary philanthropy, Lee Young-ji revealed, "I want to return all my assets to society later. I have a grand dream of establishing a charity. It's a distant dream, but I'm trying it one by one, looking for good charities, donating, and preparing. I want to use my influence well."

Netizens responded with voices of support, praising her thoughts and acknowledging that donations aren't easy even with money. Lee Young-ji has also shown 'neighborly love' with special consideration for her neighbors in the same building.

On the 21st, a post by a netizen claiming to be Lee Young-ji's neighbor was uploaded online. The netizen received a rib set from 'ChaJwiBbul.'

Lee Young-ji said, "For nearly 1-2 years, I've been calling many guests to this officetel to drink and talk for content. All the residents' consideration allowed our program to successfully conclude the season. I'm sincerely grateful for understanding this entire process."

'ChaJwiBbul' is a 1-on-1 talk show with a 'home bar' concept shot at Lee Young-ji's house. She did not forget to express gratitude to her neighbors for their cooperation. The public is applauding her for it.

In the midst of a grim social atmosphere with ongoing incidents like 'random knife-wielding,' the public is raising voices of support for the warm actions of 'MZ Culture President' Lee Young-ji.


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