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Gu Jun-yeop ♥ Seo Hee-won, Reunion After 23 Years, "The Happiest Moment in Life" Tearful Reunion ('Las')

  The heartwarming moment of the 23-year reunion of the couple Gu Jun-yeop and Seo Hee-won on "Radio Star" has been revealed.

On the 9th, MBC's "Radio Star" featured Gu Jun-yeop, Kim Jae-won, Young Tak, and Son Min-soo.

During the time when Gu Jun-yeop was active in Taiwan, he was famously involved in a romantic relationship with Taiwanese top star Seo Hee-won. And after more than 20 years, last year, he became even more popular as "Taiwan's national husband" through a marriage that was like a movie.

Having spent their newlywed days in Taiwan, Gu Jun-yeop revealed that he crossed the waters to appear on "Radio Star," receiving a warm welcome from the MCs. Wearing a heart necklace made by Seo Hee-won, Gu Jun-yeop expressed, "I might look unlucky, but..." He cautiously continued, "Please understand," and proudly shared about his wife, bringing a smile to everyone. When asked about whether his wife would come to Korea, he replied, "My wife has young children, so it's not easy for her to come to Korea. She doesn't do broadcasts in Taiwan either, so I don't think she will do broadcasts in Korea." His response caught attention.

Gu Jun-yeop referred to his wife as a top star like Jeon Ji-hyun in Taiwan. He stated, "Because of that, we received a lot of attention from the public. My wife is so famous that I can't go out much. Even on our first anniversary, we spent it quietly at home." He astonishingly shared that due to his famous wife, he did advertisements such as for diamonds and skincare products, creating a "lover" image. He added, "I even did photoshoots with my wife," and shared sweet and romantic photos that caught attention.

Indeed, Gu Jun-yeop was a devoted husband. He said, "We dated in our 20s and broke up, so it's a waste of time. I'm paying back what I couldn't do 23 years ago. I improved my cooking skills because of my wife, who likes Korean food, and I even carry her to the bathroom. If she's hungry at dawn, I get up and cook ramen for her with care." He openly shared about their newlywed life.

He also unveiled the story of his first fateful encounter and secret dating with Seo Hee-won. He recalled, "My wife saw a performance video of Clon on a variety show and said, 'I want to marry him.' Later, we met on a Taiwanese show. We met at a farewell dinner after it ended, and she was so cute and pretty. I got her phone number, and we started dating from then." He reminisced, "But as we dated, there was a lot of resistance and objections from the people around us. Eventually, due to pressure and objections from those around us, we had no choice but to break up. Tearfully, we broke up. I thought she would hate me because I suggested breaking up first. But even 23 years later, during our first call, we felt each other's hearts in an instant. We promised to meet, but because of the uncertain ending of the COVID-19 pandemic, we kept delaying it. The only way to meet was for us to become family."

Gu Jun-yeop confessed, "I told my wife, 'If we want to meet... we have to get married.' She agreed readily, and in an instant, a contactless proposal and marriage approval happened." He surprised everyone with his confession. Fortunately, contactless weddings were allowed in Korea. He reported that he completed the marriage registration first in Korea and then went to Taiwan. After two weeks of self-quarantine, as soon as it turned 12 o'clock, he rushed to his wife. He unfolded a love story like a movie.

Then, Gu Jun-yeop released a video of the 23-year reunion moment captured by Seo Hee-won's manager on "Radio Star." In the video, the two who met after 23 years hugged each other, shedding tears without words. They exchanged heartfelt greetings and created a touching moment. Watching this video, Gu Jun-yeop shed tears once again. Kim Gook-jin praised, "The real drama is Gu Jun-yeop," expressing his admiration. Gu Jun-yeop confessed, "If I were to choose the happiest moment in my life when I'm about to die, I think I would choose that scene," touching the hearts of everyone.


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