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Koo Jun-yup, 'No money to get married → Stole money to go to Seoul → Recently divorced → Remarried with ex-husband Seo Hee-won'. How unfair must it have been...

"There was even news that I stole money from Hee-won and ran away to Seoul."

Koo Jun-yup became Taiwan's national husband with a cinematic marriage. As famous as he is, he revealed that he is struggling with all kinds of fake news.

Koo Jun-yup, who gathered public interest as the "54-year-old late groom" in the romance of the century, openly talks about his married life and his true feelings about fake news.

On the MBC 'Radio Star' (planned by Kang Young-sun, directed by Lee Yoon-hwa, Kim Myung-yeob) broadcast on the 9th, Koo Jun-yup, who married Taiwanese actress Seo Hee-won last February, appears as a 'lover.'

He became a hot topic with dating rumors with Taiwanese top star Seo Hee-won during his activities in Taiwan, and after more than 20 years, he became a big topic with a marriage more cinematic than a movie. He is now enjoying immense popularity as 'Taiwan's national husband.'

Koo Jun-yup, who is enjoying his honeymoon in Taiwan, even returned to his home country for the 'Radio Star' appearance.

After his marriage to Seo Hee-won, who is a top star in Taiwan on par with Jeon Ji-hyun, Koo Jun-yup candidly answered the fake news that recently caused a stir in Taiwan. Koo Jun-yup said, "I married Hee-won because I had no money, Hee-won stole money and ran away to Seoul, and recently, Hee-won divorced, and there are people who are jealous and slanderous that Hee-won will return to her ex-husband," revealing his true feelings about the fake news.

However, despite such fame, Koo Jun-yup did not stop boasting about his wife throughout the broadcast.

Koo Jun-yup, who appeared wearing a heart necklace made by Seo Hee-won, said, "It may look unlucky, but.." he said cautiously, "I am so happy to see (Seo) Hee-won smiling." Kim Gura, a 'depressed(?)' detection dog, also vowed, "I will not doubt (their love) at all."

Meanwhile, Koo Jun-yup also revealed his fateful first meeting with Seo Hee-won and his secret love story.

He said he couldn't forget Seo Hee-won even after breaking up, found out Seo Hee-won's feelings after watching the drama 'Boys Over Flowers,' and revealed the love story where he had to hold a wedding ceremony non-face-to-face. He also revealed a reunion video of Koo Jun-yup and Seo Hee-won filmed by Seo Hee-won's manager.

Then, Koo Jun-yup, the 'Taiwanese Choi Soo-jong,' revealed his honeymoon in Taiwan, titled 'Waiting for Seo Hee-won.' His cooking skills have improved as he cooked for his wife, who likes Korean food, and his in-laws. He also surprised them by waking up to cook ramen carefully when she said she was hungry at dawn, and even carried her to the bathroom.

Regarding the reason for getting a couple tattoo ring with Seo Hee-won, Koo Jun-yup said, "Because it can't be erased for life," vowing 'eternal love.'


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