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Can't Tolerate Infidelity.. 'Divorce Ending' Top Actors

The issue of "infidelity," which arouses public outrage, has always existed in the entertainment industry, both domestically and abroad. Recently, Natalie Portman, the girl of 'Léon' and the swan of 'Black Swan,' sadly faced a divorce ending due to such infidelity. We've looked at top stars who have broken their families because of infidelity. Especially for those involved in infidelity, a decline in image as a celebrity is inevitable.

Natalie Portman

Actress Natalie Portman's decision to divorce her husband has made headlines online.

According to foreign media such as Entertainment Weekly on the 7th (local time), Natalie Portman chose to separate from her husband, ballet dancer Benjamin Millepied, after 11 years of marriage. A source told the media, "After news of her husband's infidelity came out, they tried for their marriage, but they are now separated."

The 'discord' between the two began last November when Natalie Portman was filming 'May December.' A picture of Benjamin Millepied entering the same building with a 25-year-old environmental activist, Camille Etienne, ignited 'infidelity rumors' last June.

A close source acknowledged Benjamin's tremendous mistake and that Natalie was doing her best to forgive him and maintain the family. Natalie's priority is to protect her children and privacy. The two did not break up even after the infidelity, and Benjamin was doing his best to have Natalie forgive him.

However, Natalie Portman, spotted heading to Sydney, Australia, for a schedule last 4th, without her wedding ring on their 11th wedding anniversary, sparked divorce rumors. The couple, who met in the 2009 movie 'Black Swan' and married in 2012 with a son and a daughter, could not return to the way they were, despite their efforts.

Ryoko Hirosue, Acknowledges Infidelity with Popular Chef... The Ending is 'Divorce'

Japanese actress Ryoko Hirosue, embroiled in an infidelity scandal, has recently announced her divorce from her husband, Candle Jun.

Hirosue announced on her official website last month, “Jun and I have agreed to divorce and submitted the paperwork.” She explained that she would continue to live with the children as their guardian, adding that although she had many concerns about announcing the divorce, she decided to make the announcement, hoping that the children's anxiety and worry would not spread further.

Earlier, Hirosue was engulfed in suspicions of an affair with the owner-chef of a popular French restaurant that has consistently earned one Michelin star. According to reports, Hirosue visited Toba Shusaku's restaurant in mid-May and was even spotted staying in the same hotel in early June, causing a shock.

The scandal continued with the release of the 'love letters' exchanged between Hirosue and her lover, Toba Shusaku. After the infidelity scandal, her husband, Candle Jun, stated at a press conference that he "knew some of it" and that his wife was mentally unstable.

Masahiro Higashide, Infidelity with Underage Erika Karata... The Ending is Divorce, 'Image Decline'

Another infidelity scandal that rocked Japan involves actor Masahiro Higashide.

Higashide, who married actress Watanabe An, the daughter of actor Ken Watanabe, whom he met in the 2015 movie 'Asako,' had three children. However, he ended up divorcing after an infidelity scandal with Erika Karata, who was underage in 2017, causing even greater criticism.

Higashide's agency stated, “This situation was brought about by foolishness and lack of responsibility. There's no room for excuse. He regrets and suffers.” Higashide ultimately decided to divorce An.

However, he made headlines again with his love affair with a woman in her 20s. But instead of congratulations, he received cold stares. The gentle and dandy image he once enjoyed turned into a mark of an adulterer, and many fans turned their backs on him.

Erika Karata, who was loved for her pure image but betrayed fans with infidelity, stated through her agency, “I deeply reflect on my reckless behavior. I'll make sure it never happens again and work hard to regain trust. I am facing my weakness and foolishness deeply.”

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