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From a Divorce Story of a Middle-Aged Man to a Single Woman Contemplating Single Mother Facilities, including the Most Miserable Moments... Tears Flow as Secrets Are Unveiled"

 From the divorce story of a middle-aged man who revealed his most miserable moments to a single woman contemplating single mother facilities, various hidden secrets are all being unveiled.

On August 9th, on SBS PLUS and ENA's "I Am Solo," the moments where the 16th batch of solo individuals are moved to tears while sharing their self-introductions will be revealed.

The 16 solo individuals bring out their own stories that they've buried deep in their hearts and shed tears. In particular, one solo woman tearfully shares a heartbreaking story, saying, "(I even considered single mother facilities to have a child) because I had to give birth to this child and I wanted to create a complete family." Her emotional story deeply touches everyone, and other solo women who empathize with her, having also become strong mothers for their children, say, "I'm about to cry too," as tears well up in their eyes.

Another solo woman also starts her self-introduction but breaks into tears, saying, "I tried not to cry," and reveals, "Even at home, they said not to get married after having a child," and she continues to weep as she says, "But I still got married because the child needed a father.." Subsequently, the next solo woman says through her tears, "I want to meet a father who will love my child and create a family," and as she opens up her heart, she breaks into sobs. MC Lee Yi-gyeong, who watches the relay of tearful moments with pity, deeply empathizes, saying, "My heart aches."

Meanwhile, one solo woman surprises everyone by bringing out an extraordinary item. Wearing an item that makes their eyes widen, she explains that it's just a "brief event," but the solo men are amazed, saying, "It's like looking at a painting," with their mouths hanging open.

Additionally, the episode features the 16th batch of solo men, equivalent to "Daebak Man" ("Lucky Man") and "The Greater Daebak Man," revealing their backgrounds and careers.

One solo man, during the "self-introduction time," reveals his profession saying, "I am currently..." and all the solo men and women exclaim, "Wow!" MC Defconn also says, "It's completely different from his appearance," widening his eyes in surprise. The solo man himself acknowledges the "huge gap" between his appearance and his job, saying, "It's really different from what you'd expect."

Subsequently, another solo man reveals an astonishing career and stuns everyone with his second hobby-level job. Upon hearing the solo man's profession, Song Hae-na sparkles and exclaims, "That's impressive~." Even this solo man's "second job" is revealed, hitting the mark with the solo men and women's preferences. The solo men express amazement, saying, "Wow~," and praising him with comments like "He's dynamic," while the three MCs Defconn, Lee Yi-gyeong, and Song Hae-na collectively express their wonder, saying, "That's fascinating." The curiosity about the solo men's impressive skills rises sharply.

As it's a special episode of mature singles ("dolsing"), each individual's hidden divorce stories are also revealed. One solo man hesitates and reveals, "My divorce experience is..." and surprised Defconn asks, "Really?" Suddenly, this solo man "because of this, I've struggled a lot. It's the most miserable moment..." and breaks the seal on his hidden secret to everyone.

Additionally, one solo man expresses his belief that "My child is more important than anyone else," revealing his desire to meet a mature woman who understands this. Another solo man's poignant story follows, saying, "I didn't want my child to experience the pain of seeing parents fight," and the interest in the life stories of the dolsing men, which shook the 16th Solo District, is focused on. The broadcast airs on the 9th at 10:30 PM.


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