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J-Son expressed regret to ♥Hong Hyun-hee, saying "I wish you had done this at our wedding," referring to a compliment on her appearance that caused a feeling of disappointment (HongSeon TV)

J-Son complimented his wife, Hong Hyun-hee, on her appearance.

On the 7th, a video titled "Today, forget about being a 'poop star' mom for a moment, let's go into the life of star(?) Hong Hyun-hee" was uploaded to the YouTube channel 'Hong Hyun-hee and J-Son's HongSeon TV.'

In the video, Hong Hyun-hee looked satisfied with her makeup and hair styling.

Her husband J-Son also said, "But it would have suited you well if you had done this hairstyle at our wedding."

J-Son responded to Hong Hyun-hee's comment of "Let's get married again" with "With me?" and Hong Hyun-hee, taken aback, asked "Then with whom?" expressing her disappointment and eliciting laughter.

Hong Hyun-hee once again stated, "This is the first time I've had such an elegant hairstyle," and J-Son praised, "It looks very clear and pure."

Later, Hong Hyun-hee returned, looking tired after her schedule, and confessed, "The content I had in mind fails," saying she wanted to capture the great image of comedian Hong Hyun-hee.

At one point, Hong Hyun-hee asked, "Isn't my bare face really pretty, Mr. J-Son?" However, J-Son did not respond, causing laughter.

Photo = YouTube 'Hong Hyun-hee and J-Son's HongSeon TV'


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