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The Downfall of Being a Nuisance: 'Jamboree Concert', Why It Can't Be Given Up [Oh! Focus

A continuous series of confusion and inconvenience, so why can't it be abandoned?

The '2023 Saemangeum Scout Jamboree K-pop Super Live' is an ongoing series of confusion, with the event being repeatedly postponed. Initially changed from the 6th to the 11th and then once again moved to Seoul, the confusion also includes unresolved problems with the performers, leaving the organizers in disarray.

The '2023 Saemangeum World Scout Jamboree K-pop Super Live', hosted by the Korea Scout Association and organized by the 2023 Saemangeum World Scout Jamboree Organizing Committee, with support from Saemangeum Development Agency, Ministry of Gender Equality and Family, Korea Tourism Organization, and Jeollabuk-do, initially launched a massive promotion to begin on the 6th. It was even scheduled to be broadcast on KBS 1TV. However, everything has gone awry, and only problems are surfacing.

The 'K-pop Super Live' was initially planned to be held outdoors at Saemangeum in Buan, Jeonbuk, but due to heatwaves and heat-related illnesses, the schedule was changed to the Jeonju World Cup Stadium on the 11th. This decision was made on the day of the originally scheduled performance on the 6th.

However, the confusion persisted. Jeonbuk Hyundai, which uses the Jeonju World Cup Stadium as its home, had to adjust its match schedule. The team was confused by the unilateral notification, and expressed concerns about the effect on the matches.

There was also a conflict with the local event ‘JUMF 2023 Jeonju Ultimate Music Festival’ held on the same day. There were problems with the performers, as 'K-pop Super Live' and 'JUMF' had similar content and location. Changes in the schedule meant the performances of groups like ENHYPEN and VERIVERY fell through. Some even suspected 'K-pop Super Live' was stealing 'JUMF' performers. Singer Lee Chaeyeon was in a difficult situation as she was lined up for both shows.

Furthermore, there are no guarantees that the original lineup, including groups like AIV, Zero Base One, ENHYPEN, VERIVERY, and Anteam, will be maintained. Given the sudden change in schedule, maintaining the original lineup seems impossible. All the performers are understandably confused and flustered.

Weather is also a problem. The schedule was changed for safety reasons due to heatwaves, and again to Seoul due to Typhoon Khanun's expected landfall on the Korean Peninsula on the 10th, but safety is still not assured. There are concerns about whether the performance can proceed safely within the typhoon's influence. Initially promoted as a “dream K-pop stage for youth from 158 countries worldwide,” now it only leads to confusion, worry, and criticism.

With the continuous changes in schedule, performers, venue, and weather, why can’t the ‘K-pop Super Live’ be abandoned? Some are pointing out not only the continuous confusion but also the waste of manpower and resources. Since the concert's postponement, various issues have arisen, and the organizers are unable to clarify their position in the midst of chaos. For now, they are fully committed to safely concluding the event.

Despite the chaos, interest is growing in whether the 'K-pop Super Live', which could not be abandoned, will be reorganized and once again offer the dream K-pop stage to youth around the world.


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