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Controversy over Park Seo-joon's refusal to wear a headband at the stage greeting

 Park Seo-joon has been embroiled in controversy over his ill-timed behavior at the stage greeting for the movie 'Concrete Utopia'.

Over the weekend, Park Seo-joon was embroiled in controversy for not wearing a headband given by a fan at the stage greeting for the movie 'Concrete Utopia'.

The incident started like this. A fan of Park Seo-joon prepared a couple's headband for Park Seo-joon and Park Bo-young, who played a married couple in the movie. Park Bo-young accepted it and wore her headband, but when she handed the other one to Park Seo-joon, he gestured that he had sprayed his hair and ultimately did not wear it, while Park Bo-young nodded and held Park Seo-joon's headband in her hand.

When the video spread on community sites, netizens poured out criticism, saying, "Isn't a headband a national rule at stage greetings? Why be so prickly?" "Park Bo-young who handed the headband, and the fan who prepared it must have been embarrassed," "It's a shame that it's even hard to accept and keep it," "What's with that laid-back, looking-down attitude?" "He has no manners. Other celebrities do it, so why even bother with stage greetings if he's going to act like that?" "Even Lee Byung-hun carries and promotes a doll bag given by fans on Instagram, why does he act like that?" "He used to wear a headband at a fan meeting, why now... " and other reactions.

On the other hand, there were reactions like "Does wearing a headband help with promotion?" "Making a fuss over something trivial, feels like finding something to complain about," "Is this a controversial issue?" "He probably spent hours at the salon setting his hair, so why ruin it by wearing something like that?" expressing that being embroiled in controversy over a headband was excessive.

Meanwhile, 'Concrete Utopia,' a disaster drama depicting the story that begins as survivors gather in the only remaining Hwanggung apartment in Seoul, devastated by a major earthquake, will be released on August 9th.


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