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Park Seo-jun, Sexual Harassment + Attitude Controversy Directly Explained: "I Do it Without Hesitation" [Comprehensive]

Image view of actor Park Seo-jun / Photo by Lee Dong-hoon

Actor Park Seo-jun has clarified the controversy over being sexually harassed by a female fan during the stage greeting for the movie 'Concrete Utopia' and his refusal of a headband given by a fan.

In the afternoon of July 7, Park Seo-jun posted a lengthy article in his official fan club, honestly confessing about the recent controversy surrounding him.

First, Park Seo-jun mentioned the sexual harassment incident. "I was not aware of the intrusion at Saturday's stage greeting," Park said, "When I turned my head, someone was hugging me. There was a strong smell of alcohol, and I thought this person made a mistake. I was startled, but since it wasn't a theater with just that person, I tried to wrap it up pleasantly," he explained.

He continued, "The security guards also apologized for not being able to respond quickly due to the unexpected situation during the event, but I brushed it off well. Don't worry about it."

Photo = Online Community

Park Seo-jun also openly discussed the controversy surrounding his refusal to wear the headband handed over by a fan. "The next day the headband story came out, but when I attend stage greetings, I sweat a lot," said Park. He explained the situation at the time, "I fixed my hair a lot with spray in the morning so that it wouldn't move as if it was covered. In that state, wearing something on my hair would hurt my scalp a lot."

He also explained, "It sounds like an excuse, but you all know that I do this kind of thing without hesitation. There were many comments saying it was embarrassing to have Bo-young hold the headband, but I didn't think it was mine, and I thought it was given to Bo-young by her fan, and it might be upsetting if I took it, so I didn't take it, and I think there was a misunderstanding."

Actor Park Seo-jun / Photo by Lee Dong-hoon

Previously, Park Seo-jun promoted the movie 'Concrete Utopia' over the weekend with stage greetings. A fan offered a couple's headband to Park Seo-jun and Park Bo-young, who played a married couple in the film. While Park Bo-young immediately wore the headband, Park Seo-jun gestured that he had styled his hair and did not wear it.

This video spread through online communities, sparking controversy over Park Seo-jun's attitude, leading to a debate, with comments like "he had no manners" and "it's not something he had to do."

Additionally, on the 5th, another controversy arose when a female fan suddenly climbed onto the stage during a stage greeting for 'Concrete Utopia' in Busan and hugged Park Seo-jun. Fortunately, a security guard intervened, but Park Seo-jun's surprised reaction startled those watching.


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