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JMS Cult Controversy' DKZ's Kyung Yoon, Ultimately Leaves the Team... 'Scheduled to Enlist Within the Year' [Comprehensive]

DKZ Kyung Yoon / Photo by Reporter Lee Dong-hoon, photoguy@

Boy group DKZ member Kyung Yoon is leaving the team. It has been five months since the controversy over being a follower of JMS (Christian Gospel Mission) erupted.

On the afternoon of the 7th, Dongyo Entertainment, the agency, posted a letter titled "Current Situation and Future Plans of the Member (Kyung Yoon)" on the official fan cafe.

On this day, DKZ said, "We sincerely thank the fans who always support DKZ and inform you of Kyung Yoon's future plans. Kyung Yoon has been focusing on sufficient treatment since April due to health reasons. Afterward, Kyung Yoon has significantly recovered, and we had an in-depth discussion with the company about the future direction of activities for a long time."

According to DKZ, Kyung Yoon will finish his group activities and fulfill his national defense duty within the year. DKZ said, "Kyung Yoon feels responsible for the concerns he has caused to the members and fans, regardless of the reasons," and said, "We will fully support Kyung Yoon to stand in front of the fans in good health in the future."

Group DKZ / Photo by Reporter Kim Chang-hyun, chmt@

Later, Kyung Yoon uploaded a handwritten letter to soothe fans' hearts. He said, "I feel sorry to greet you after a long time," and he carefully opened his mouth, saying, "I really want to say sorry to the fans who were surprised and disappointed by what I did, and thank you so much to the fans who worried about me."

Also, Kyung Yoon said, "I have thought a lot for five months. I came to the conclusion that I have to let go of DKZ Kyung Yoon as the best choice for all the people I cherish. I hope the fans understand my choice." He conveyed the news of leaving DKZ.

Kyung Yoon added, "I don't want to regret my choice even for the remaining members. I still support the members and remember my gratitude to the fans. I will keep these feelings in my heart. Thank you for loving and supporting DKZ's Kyung Yoon."

DKZ Kyung Yoon / Photo by Reporter Lee Dong-hoon, photoguy@

Earlier, Kyung Yoon was embroiled in suspicions of being a 'JMS believer' after the Netflix documentary 'I am God: The People Betrayed by God' was released last March. It was because Kyung Yoon's parents' cafe was also on the list of companies related to JMS.

After the controversy, the agency at the time stated, "Kyung Yoon himself could not hide his horror after confirming the broadcast content, and the company operated by his family immediately ceased operations and confirmed that it had nothing to do with any specific organization in the future." Kyung Yoon also apologized, saying, "Words I mentioned without much thought in the past have led to greater misunderstandings, and I am reflecting and blaming myself enough to want to turn back all those times. I am so sorry because I am so lacking and inadequate."

Afterward, Kyung Yoon was diagnosed with anxiety disorder and social phobia, stopped activities, focused on treatment, and did not participate in any schedules.


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