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[Summary] Such Visuals on KBS, "I Lost 17kg" – The Face Becomes a 'Hotspot' in the 'Elegant Empire'

 The strongest visual team in the history of daily dramas is set to appear.

On the morning of the 7th, the production presentation for KBS 2TV's new daily drama 'Elegant Empire' (written by Han Young-mi, directed by Park Ki-ho) was held online. Director Park Ki-ho, writer Han Young-mi, and actors Kim Jin-woo, Han Ji-wan, Kang Yool, Son Sung-yoon, and Lee Sang-bo attended the event.

'Elegant Empire' depicts the journey of elegant revenge to regain a lost life, justice crushed by immense power, and hidden truths. It plans to showcase love, betrayal, conspiracy, and twists of five men and women set against the glamorous entertainment industry.

Director Park Ki-ho said, "It's a cheerful revenge drama. In KBS 2TV daily dramas, there are essential codes that viewers expect, such as refreshing revenge dramas, serious melodramas, and sometimes serious conflicts. I think the differentiation from other works is adding a little more diversity to those aspects, and going bright and fast-paced. We did our best to make it a revenge drama that can be watched without burden."

Writer Han Young-mi said, "It's a story of elegance from inelegant people, and inelegance from elegant people. I've included the absurdity hidden within revenge and the attitudes that human beings should have."

The lead actors revealed their confidence that day. Actor Kim Jin-woo explained why he chose 'Elegant Empire', saying, "The script was really fun. Plus, the fact that I was the lead but played a villain was attractive. I chose it because I wanted to take on the challenge." He also shared that he lost 17kg for this work, saying, "I gained weight while doing an exercise program, but I lost 17kg for 'Elegant Empire'. There was a process of building my body for sharp lines or sensitive appearance, and bold exposure scenes."

Han Ji-wan said, "The character Shin Ju-kyung is the wife of Jang Ki-yoon, the mother of a daughter named Su-a, and a strong-willed character who comes from an orphanage. She lives her life very diligently. And another character, Seo Hee-jae, is someone who risks everything to start revenge. Although the two characters seem different, they have many similar aspects when you look inside. I thought I could expand my acting range as it's a dual role."

Kang Yool, who has taken on his first leading role in terrestrial broadcasting, said, "I couldn't refuse the lead role they gave me, so I prepared with that in mind." He added, "I was very nervous and worried about taking on my first lead role in terrestrial broadcasting, but it's more manageable than I thought, except for the crazy amount of dialogue."

Lee Sang-bo, who will play Na Seung-pil, a chief executive who leads NA Entertainment after leaving Elegant Empire Entertainment, shared his feelings about returning after about a year since being cleared of 'drug slander' charges. Lee Sang-bo said, "When I think about it, it's been less than a year since it happened to me." He added, "Being a human before an actor, it was really hard, but I could endure and recover a little thanks to the warm encouragement and support of many people. I want to repay many people through this work and get good results."

'Elegant Empire' will air for the first time at 7:50 pm today.


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