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Wife who had one-night stands with several strange men... Ggwachu-hyeong says, "If the husband has erectile dysfunction, it's understandable."

(Seoul=News1) Reporter Kim Hak-jin - Urologist Hong Seong-woo, known as 'Ggwachu-hyeong,' has frankly disclosed the correlation between sexual relationships and stress.

In the episode of 'Real Law Romance Sweet Men and Women' that will air on the 8th, the story of a wife addicted to one-night stands and a husband wanting a divorce will be revealed.

In the drama, the wife, struggling with her husband's unemployment, stock market failure, and other stresses like caring for her mother-in-law, slept with several strange men in order to relieve the stress of married life. Over the course of five years of marriage, she committed infidelity five times, causing shock.

When Kim Ji-min asked, "Does sexual intercourse really relieve stress?", Ggwachu-hyeong responded, "If the husband has erectile dysfunction, it's understandable. However, in such a case, even if he had done well at home, there's a high chance he would have cheated," drawing the line.

He continued, "In a beautiful relationship, the more you do it, the better. A close bond forms, and good hormones are released."

Furthermore, he emphasized, "Just because some people can't have sexual relationships doesn't mean they live a depressing life. They can find joy elsewhere, and saying that pleasure is only derived from sexual relationships is just an excuse."

To this, Lee Ji-hyun responded, "It's a sickness, a sickness!" inducing laughter with her engrossed reaction.


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