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Loose Weight→Upset Stomach" ★Can the War of Malicious Comments by Celebrities Come to an End?

 Numerous celebrities are taking a tough stance against malicious comments. The ongoing battle against malicious comments, which has persisted from the past, can the roots be pulled out?

Recently, comedian Lee Su-ji revealed an incident where she received malicious DMs (Direct Messages) in an interview with Ex's News.

Lee Su-ji mentioned that she often checks YouTube comments and reactions, and said, "Recently, I was exposed, and someone sent me a DM saying not to do it and that it upset their stomach."

On the 4th, during IHQ's 'Delicious Guys' broadcast, she shared this story and exposed a malicious comment that said, "I've been eating alone for years while watching 'Delicious Guys.' Due to Lee Su-ji's exposure, my stomach is upset, and I can't watch it while I eat. Whatever clothes you wear, it's your personal freedom, but this doesn't seem like it."

Recently, Lee Chang-woo also mentioned receiving appearance-related DMs. In a 'I Live Alone' episode, Park Narae's weight was revealed.

While Park Narae's weight was 98.4 kg, Lee Chang-woo recorded 102.5 kg. This stirred up a big discussion, and Lee Chang-woo said, "Park Narae said Poubao is lighter than you."

Lee Chang-woo talked about his weight and diet, saying, "Many people comment about what I eat. I don't have big desires for good tea or things like that. I'm all about eating. I want to focus my happiness there, so I hope no one says anything about it."

Although both individuals are trying to lighten the situation with laughter on entertainment shows, they still face continuous appearance-related malicious comments, which leaves a bitter taste.

Kwon Eun-bi also revealed her experience with hurtful malicious comments through her YouTube channel, 'Quickly Please.'

Kwon Eun-bi said, "They told me I'm old. What can I do if I'm old?" She further explained, "I've heard a lot, especially naturally aging. They even ask if I'm losing weight. I try not to care, but sometimes I do care."

While celebrities still suffer from malicious comments, the actions of those who are taking a tough stance are catching attention. IU, an actress and singer, and her agency, EDAM Entertainment, declared a frontal attack against various rumors and malicious commenters on the 7th.

The agency said, "Regarding IU (real name Lee Ji-eun, hereinafter referred to as the artist) who is under our agency, we have received information about the progress of criminal complaints (1st, 2nd, and 3rd quarters of 2023) against those who spread malicious rumors and slanderous content toward the artist, which was conveyed by the law firm (Yuhan) Shinwon, our legal representative."

On the 27th, a commenter who left disrespectful comments to Suzy received a conviction for defamation. This individual left malicious comments on an article related to Suzy on a portal site from October to December 2015.

After a lengthy trial of about 8 years, the Supreme Court acknowledged that the comments left by the person were degrading by sexualizing the victim, Suzy. The Supreme Court's 3rd Division (Chief Justice An Cheol-sang) confirmed the original ruling of a 500,000 won fine for the person's appeal on charges of defamation.

The group IVE is also involved in legal battles both domestically and internationally. On the 25th, Starship Entertainment stated, "We are proceeding with a civil and criminal lawsuit against a certain anti-fan cafe and an overseas lawsuit." They continued to say, "We will hold the perpetrators accountable in civil cases," and explained that they are currently verifying personal information of operators of the anti-fan cafe, including 'Cyber Lecca.'

JYP Entertainment, Lee Jun-ho's agency, announced on the 28th that a malicious commenter who continued to post indiscriminate malicious comments has been sentenced to a fine of 3 million won.

The Seoul Western District Court recently sentenced the perpetrator to a 3 million won fine, acknowledging the violation of the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc. (defamation).

Recently, the impact of cyber Leccas who turn malicious comments into content is also increasing, causing harm to celebrities. While celebrities are wielding swords, we hope that the culture of comments will change as well.

Image sources: Ex's News DB, iHQ, MBC Broadcast Screen, YouTube Channel 'Quickly Please'


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