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"Targeting Younger Sibling for Exploitation" Youngest Sibling Breaks Two-Year Silence with Determined Testimony... Park Soo-hong Moved to Tears [Comprehensive Coverage]

"Younger siblings were targeted for exploitation."

Entertainer Park Soo-hong (52) shed tears as well when his youngest sibling took the stand as a witness in the embezzlement trial of Park Soo-hong's older brother and sister-in-law.

On the 9th afternoon, the 7th trial was held at the Seoul Western District Court's Criminal Deliberation Division 11 for the charges against Park Soo-hong and his older brother's couple under the Act on Aggravated Punishment of Specific Economic Crimes (Embezzlement).

In the midst of Park Soo-hong's youngest sibling, who remained silent for nearly two years, speaking up as a witness for the first time, the younger sibling stated that they discovered that their siblings had been targeted for exploitation, and that even they, without their knowledge, had their salary deposited into an account opened secretly, which was used for embezzlement. Listening to their sibling's account, Park Soo-hong couldn't hold back his tears.

Park Soo-hong's attorney, Lawyer No Jong-eon, conveyed the situation of the trial to Sports TV News, stating, "Both younger siblings were exploited throughout their lives by their elder brother. The one who dedicated their life for the family is Park Soo-hong, and the sibling expressed respect for him. This story moved Park Soo-hong to tears." He explained, "Even though there was ample evidence, no one in the family stood by Park Soo-hong's side. After two years of silence, the fact that the youngest sibling attended as a witness and spoke about the elder brother's wrongdoing and how the family relationship deteriorated due to the elder brother's actions has significant meaning."

Lawyer No added, "Standing by Park Soo-hong within the family might have exposed them to potential isolation, but they gathered the courage to support him."

Meanwhile, in the trial held that day, Park Soo-hong's youngest sibling, one of the three siblings who took the stand as a witness, stated, "I didn't want to use such words, but younger siblings were the target of exploitation. The subjects of manipulation." They also mentioned, "In 2020, Park Soo-hong contacted me and informed me about a conflict between the elder brother and me. I also found out then that my name was used for an account. I had no knowledge of the transactions."

Furthermore, they stated, "During the wedding business period, I participated as a co-representative, but there were conflicts with the elder brother due to incidents that were never mentioned for three years. I left the company in 2010, and since the incident occurred in the spring of 2020, I have never made a call or met with them." Regarding the disputed bank account transactions, they also mentioned, "There's no reason for this money to be deposited into my account. It's not my money."

Earlier, in April 2021, Park Soo-hong filed a lawsuit against his older brother and sister-in-law for embezzlement charges. The older brother and his wife are accused of embezzling a total of 6.17 billion won, including funds for Park Soo-hong's management and his personal funds, over a period of 10 years from 2011 to 2021. The 8th trial, scheduled for October, will have Park Soo-hong's parents as witnesses.


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